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Compass Creative Texas Design Group is the publishing team behind the DOMINION magazine, Cordillera Ranch Living, EXPLORE, and COMPANY magazines. Formed in 2007, Compass Creative Texas Design Group has fast grown to become one of the larger publishers in the Texas Hill Country.

We are a team of people that take professional graphic design very seriously. We have a sign in the office that says “Good design goes to heaven. Bad design goes EVERYWHERE” and we truly believe that. Let us show you what we can do for you and your business!


Compass Creative Texas helped me with every element of my branding…from logo to business cards to website. Fun people that give you all they have. I loved every step of the process!

Jon LambOwner – Redhorn Brewery



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The Dominion magazine has far surpassed our expectations, both in terms of quality as well as results.

Dr. McCurley CEO


The publishers behind the DOMINION magazine have worked with hundreds of businesses throughout the Texas Hill Country to achieve results for their businesses.

You have options for your advertising needs. We recognize this, and work harder than anyone to ensure that your print marketing campaign generates results. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business!

Professional layout and design. Engaging content that delivers readers. Online, print, and web – we’ve got you covered.


Advertising is fundamentally persuasion. And persuasion happens to be not a science but an art.

William Bernbach Legendary Creative Director

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